About Us

Winner of a Queens Award for International trade, ZED Tunnel guidance has developed a unique niche in the tunnelling Sector which led us to expand our expertise in the development and manufacture of advanced Engineered systems to be used in the toughest of underground and industrial environments.

The team at ZED Engineered Systems possess over forty years’ experience in engineering having originally produced the first practical computer-based tunnel guidance system in 1977. They formed ZED Tunnel Guidance in 2002 and are now owned by German company VMT GmbH. ZED Engineered Systems formerly ZED Tunnel Guidance is renowned for creating innovative, modular, robust, precise, and reliable products.

ZED’s specialised electronic navigation systems allowed Tunnel Boring Machines to display precise information on position and orientation, allowing operators to steer and control machines to match the required tunnel alignment, resulting in highly accurate tunnelling of any size to be developed. Now owned by VMT GmbH, ZED has passed on their Tunnel Guidance Expertise to their German counterpart to expand their Research and Development skills in a variety of industries but specifically tunnelling and construction.

As a small company, we are versatile and adaptable, able to respond quickly and innovatively to new projects and techniques, thus allowing new products to be created with tailor-made solutions to specific briefs and needs.

We are global partners able to provide global solutions, ensuring that all projects are undertaken with complete accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

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