Our Team

Possessing a total of over 40 years’ experience, we are a small, dynamic team of experts. The skills, technical knowledge and dedication across the business gave us the ability to devise the first practical computer-based Tunnel Guidance Systems in 1977. Our combined experience covers all areas of construction, from government and Defence to technical services and cable manufacturing.

We have worked on numerous high-profile civil engineering projects, including the Channel Tunnel and the Yellow River Diversion Project in China, amongst others.

Known for our innovative, versatile, and adaptable approach, we use our experience to meet a wide range of client requirements for Engineered Systems. As a result of this flexibility, specialist knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, we are able of delivering high build quality products and short lead times. Our in-house 3D modelling and technical design team undertake stress testing of our equipment, providing cost efficiencies ahead of production. We provide a joined up, tailor-made and bespoke solution to any project briefs.

Contact us today and discuss your requirements with our experts and together we will develop the answer you need.